Sargon V

Manufacturer: Activision
Publication: Activision
Ideation: Dan Spracklen & Kathleen Spracklen
First release: 1978
Game mode: Single/Two Player
Type: Table game
Platform: MS-DOS (First release for Z80) Macintosh, Apple II, Other

Sargon V clearly higher Sargon IV is equipped with a 3D graphics and music to Russell Lieblich floor. He also had new drawings of pieces of Mimi Doggett and Steve Snyder, a special feature not present in other versions were graphical effects, such as the hands that took the pieces and moving a robotic (when Sargon moved) and a human (when the player moved). In addition there was the possibility of change the checkerboard pattern going from fantasy to wood marble. To make matters worse Sargon V allows the possibility to change the pieces style.