Sargon IV

Manufacturer: Spinnaker Software
Publication: Spinnaker Software
Ideation: Dan Spracklen & Kathleen Spracklen
First release: 1988
Game mode: Single/Two Player
Type: Table game/Strategy
Platform: MS-DOS, Apple II, VIC-20, C64, Macintosh, TRS-80, CD-i

Incredible graphic in 3D, with a new GUI. The best of the Sargon series.
With a blue menu, Sargon IV is the innovation of the series, the chessboard is in 3D and the pieces has a "wood style". In 1991 the Spinnaker Software released the CD-i version of Sargon IV called Sargon-Chess (cover in image). Sargon-Chess was playable from joystic.