Retro Force

Manufacturer: Psygnosis
Publication: Psygnosis
Ideation: Gary McKill & Wayne Imlach
First release: 17 March 1999
Game mode: Single to 4 players
Type: Shoot-'em up game
Platform: PlayStation One

Retro Force is a difficult and incredibly addictive game if played in more players. The game's aim is to control the ships of the 4 heroes of the story that are:

A blue cat with long ears and whiskers drawn, his name Pi and the jokes about him in the game are very limited.
A green conical robot, with rounded belly, very ugly, this robot makes sparks from the antennas, but his spaceship is the most beautiful of all his name is Sinclair.
A girl with a blue suit, his makeup done badly, has a purple spacecraft is called Paris.
A boy with a red suit, he's wearing red glasses, on which the eyes are drawn, his name is Hawtin.

The aim of the team of Retro Force a kind of futuristic police force is to retrieve the object stolen by the invaders, that UFOs arrived in the year 2999 on November 29 game
just as had predicted a prophecy, to steal this holy item, that our heroes had to protect. The millennium celebrations are interrupted and the Retro Force attack UFOs in the game are called the Invaders. But they run away back in time. So the team of Retro Force chasing them. When the game starts you have to extricate themselves to the inside of the menu, where at first sight for those not expert may seem difficult. First you must choose the language, available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. After that you can choose to start a new game or go to the options menu, where in addition to the settings of the controls and present the upload functionality of a game, previously begun.
When you start a new game you are asked how many players you want to participate, by selecting one of the game immediately, if you select 2, 3 or 4 (the maximum number of players)
you will see a different menu, in this case allowing you to choose the type of game you want to do with your playmate:

Team Battle: The two players share the same screen and carry on with the story. This type of game you can do with just two players.
Arcade Battle: Players challenge each other in turn with the same joystick, but if a player advances one level each other do not follow them. Because it is a challenge to points between the players.
Turn Battle: The players will compete in turn always with the same joystick, the advancement of one carries the other player, ideal for those who want to play the PS1 with a friend, but has only one joystick.

Once this is done you can select a 4 of characters described above.
Like any game scrolling shooter that respect, even Retro Force uses a point system to see how many enemies you defeated. game
In doing so each time you destroy low-caliber foes, they are released of the lives that serve to increase the life bar, and gems they do earn points, plus there are the supergemme, which give extra-points. But when you destroy enemies in the intermediate level, you will receive the upgrading of weapons, which make your strongest aircraft. Every 5 levels you will need to challenge the bos meaner and powerful of all. The enemy almost invincible, but in the end you'll get as a reward a sacred object piece. At the end of the game to get ready for a surprise.
Notwithstanding this game here it has been idolized, by critics worldwide and was instead little considered, managing to sell only in Europe. However, there are several characteristics that affect the game, for example one of those shown on different forums that did also discuss some critical and the similarity of the characters with the characters of the book The Wizard of Oz. In fact, the robot, is a man of tin caricature, cat a lion caricature boy caricature Scarecrow, and finally the girl seems to be Dorothy. Of course it could just be a coincidence, but in many believe that it is a voluntary idea of ​​the author.